Robotics Innovation Challenge (RIC) - 2021



RIC 2021 will be by invitation only. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in participating.

Grand Arena

Play fields and field items will be available for purchase after the participating teams are confirmed. 

Yes, teams can program different strategies and switch for different tries / stages.

No. Pushing 2 blocks correctly will award you the full score for Subfield 2.

If the robot won’t be able to resume normal, when the 3 minutes end or the participating team decides, the robot can be taken back. The current chance will be consumed and the points gained so far will be the final score of the robot.

As long as the host robot is pushed off the center area, the points will be awarded regardless of where the team’s robot is.

Technical Competitions

Yes, the team can sign up for more than 1 TC.

Innovation Design Challenge

It is not required for the team to master professional video editing. The team can make use of the various tools available online to help them with the video editing.