Robotics Innovation Challenge (RIC)
2023 Summer Summit

30 July 2023 
MD1 Tahir Foundation Building
National University of Singapore

For Sign-up inquiries, please send in an e-mail!


Competition Structure

Game #1: Grand Arena

A battlefield for the robots, the strategies, and the intelligence behind. Participants are to build robots that could operate autonomously in the field and complete tasks. 


Game Manual

Game #2: Technical Competition

A single task to be completed by the specialized robot. There are multiple tasks to choose from. Focus on one aspect and perfect the details. 


Game Manual

Game #3: Innovation Design Challenge

A presentation competition for participants with great technological ideas that could bring changes to the world. Themes will be publicized each year.


Game Manual

The People & Moments

RIC is organized as a satellite event under the NUS SHADE Datathon & EXPO